Hello   Ed Grosso here.


I’ve been checking my blood glucose levels and dieting for over 20 years. I’ve had some remarkably good results and some bad results. I find that it gets harder to maintain after a while, so I am always searching for better ways to maintain control.

After my diagnosis in 1995 for Type 2 Diabetes  I ate a very low carb diet for 6 years to control my blood sugar. . My A1c, goes from 5.5% to 6.0%.

I am currently  4 lbs. overweigh and I’m okay with that. I lost most of my weight when I started the low carb diet and my weight would fluctuate  no more than 10 lbs. for short periods of time.   Most of those fluctuations were going through strong emotional times or on long  cruises.

So far,  I do not have any of the diabetic complications. I still keep a close eye on my diet, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and exercise.

I have read many books on Diabetes through those years and did a lot of research on the Internet. I have had many conversations with Doctors around Diabetes.  I have also subscribed to many Diabetes newsletters. I researched western medicine, Chinese medicine, and  explored energy ways to control Diabetes.

I have tried over 20 alternative techniques to cure or control Diabetes with mixed results. As I slip into a retirement phase of my life, I want to share what I learned and to generate conversations to help others as well as myself.


Through the 23 years I have been working on my type 2 Diabetes I have read hundreds of documents, books, and have had hundreds of conversations with my bodywork clients and my coaching clients who were struggling with Diabetes. Back in 1995 I had the good fortune to have had Dr. Richard Bernstein as my Diabetic doctor.  He helped me take the responsibility to face the facts of my Diabetes.   I kept on his low carb diets and advice for 6 years. My Glucose levels where is the mid-80s.  They were so good I began to get slack and the blood glucose numbers began to creep and creep back up. I did move away, and my new doctor is not as knowledgeable as Dr. Bernstein. But less expensive.
I began to work on my blood glucose levels again and brought me back into researching again, because I know I was not going to get the information I needed from the generalpractitioners. At the time I was taken some Metformin to transition back to good blood sugar.

I also had some past experience working with software for a larger pharmaceutical company and seeing more of the negative side of side than I wanted, which kept nagging at me to get off the drugs.

At the recommendation of a number of people I decided to write up this website with the intention to help people be more responsible about their Diabetes and to give that a wider perspective than just the biological/medical viewpoints.

I also want to be in conversation with people who want to take more responsibility with their Diabetes and where we can help each other.


When I am not thinking about Diabetes I enjoy growing the coaching industry by training more and more people to become coaches, to coach individuals and businesses to a higher level of      development to meet the rapid levels of change, and provide deeper and more advanced techniques of personal development through Radix body work.

I have two children near Boston. Two step-children in Portland Oregon and one step kid in Oakland California.

I love to travel, read poetry, and lately Tai Chi has consumed a great deal of my time.

I live on Oxford Connecticut with my lovely partner Lois and our dog Silky and the boss of the house Marmalade the cat.